Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Step 1
       I am ENFJ this means that I am a leader and  help others be the best that they can be. Another thing this says is that my ability to empathize then turns into a liability.
Step 2
       My results of the Holland quiz were the following jobs my most favorite job was a video producer and my least favorite was a insurance claims Examiner. I really didn’t like probation or Parol officer because I don’t like working for the law but, I was happy that I got the job medical administrator.
      The reason I want to be a video/film producer. I want to be a video/film producer because I like making videos and I like being noticed. The hourly wage for a video/film producer is $34.31 and the yearly wage is $71,350. For this you need a Bachelors degree from college. You don’t need any job training. Video/film producers usally select scripts audition and select the cast of movies and approve the design of their financial aspects for there movie so that they can stay in budget.
Step 3
  My results for the intelligence quiz is a 3.29 for body movement which says I like dancing walking and swimming and that I am likely good at sports which I am and that I have fine motor skills which I don’t. In musical I have a 2.86 which said I liked to hum to myself and sing to my self which I do.